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Wildwood Consulting offers land management and forestry services in western North Carolina, east Tennessee, the upstate of South Carolina, and southwestern Virginia. We work for landowners, offering our clients a broad range of knowledge and experience focused on achieving their natural resource goals. We approach our work with the understanding that every situation and every landowner is different. Whether we’re developing a comprehensive forest management plan for a client with multiple goals or completing forest inventory on a stand of mixed hardwoods, we’ll tailor our approach to efficiently and effectively meet our clients’ needs using sound science and the most up to date information available.

Our Services

Quality Service You Can Trust

Identify your goals, plan a strategy, and reduce your property taxes.

Know the value of your assets before you make a decision.

Know your timber basis to reduce your Capital Gains Tax.

Get the best price for your timber and the best value out of any harvest activity.

Keep your lines well marked to avoid costly surveying expenses, to prevent accidental trespassing,  and to reduce your liability.

Prevent invasive plants from damaging timber, wildlife habitat, biodiversity and aesthetics.


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